Covid-19: 22 Recovered! Kudos to all Medical staff

Kia Ora, On 25th March, it feels good to discover that we have 22 recovered cases. This is some positive news for the week. Thanks to all the medical and related industries staff who are working day & night to support and care for those affected. Having said that, we now have 205 cases, 189 of which are confirmed while 16 are still probable). Shown above is an updated map infographic that reflects the change in Covid-19 cases across New Zealand. #covid19 #coronavirus #newzealand #canterbury #auckland #southland #otago #westcoast #nelson #tasman #marlborough #wellington #manawatu #hawkesbay #taranaki #waikato #gisborne #northland

Inferences: Some more good news is that Gisborne and West Coast regions continue to have not a single Covid-19 case as of 25 March 2020. Out of all regions, at 78, Auckland has the highest number of confirmed cases. It's female cases are now higher than it's male cases. A new understanding is, confirmed cases in age group's 20's & 40's are now equal in counts while counts in 30's have doubled in Auckland.

Note: Data has been sourced from We have sorted the raw data region-wise for ease in understanding the graphics. This map & info-graphic has been prepared based on data from 25 March 2020. The stats might change after today's announcements by the government, if any. To get actual/reliable information please visit For your safety, we request you to kindly follow instructions from the New Zealand government.

Kia kaha, kia noho humariei - Be Strong, Stay Safe


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