Sad to loose 1. But, we won't give up!

Kia Ora New Zealand, along with the whole nation, our deepest condolences are with the family members of the woman whom we lost to Covid-19 yesterday. I didn't want to post yesterday as I too was feeling low about this news. But, as a nation, we will continue our fight against this health challenge and overcome it soon. On the contrary, our recovery cases figure rose by 6 and we are now on 56 which makes me feel hopeful.

The distribution of confirmed cases across age groups shows an increase in cases for the 20-29 and 40-49 age groups. With 115 cases, the 20-29 age group has the highest cases. A deep dive into the data indicates that majority of these cases are related to overseas travel. The age group 50-59 has the next higher number of cases. The gender distribution pie chart shows higher female cases than males; no data on gender available for 4 cases. Note: Data has been sourced from This info-graphic has been prepared based on data from 29 March 2020. The stats might change after today's announcements by the government, if any. To get actual/reliable information please visit For your safety, we request you to kindly follow instructions from the New Zealand government.


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