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We are an expert in the field of capturing data and information including taking measurements using drones/UAV. In the past two years we have won accolades from our clients to conduct ground breaking research that has given us the ability to solve their problems with a game changing and innovative mindset. They look up to us as problem solvers and innovators who can measure anything from roof lines, roof angles, 2D measurements, 3D volumes of stockpiles and excavated pits. We have flown our drones near/over golf courses, industrial and residential sites, inside warehouses, traffic intersections, construction sites and quarries.



Map Tech is New Zealand-based company offering its services nationwide. Founded by Abijit Chaves in 2018, the company specialises in capturing data and information, primarily through the use of drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). 
“We are problem solvers and innovators,” says Abijit. “Passionate about applying the best in drone and geospatial technology to solve real life challenges faced by professionals across several industries.”
With a B.Sc. in geology and earth sciences and M.Sc. in remote sensing and GIS, Abijit has worked in Asia, the UK and New Zealand, and is an expert in GIS, remote sensing, drone surveying and mapping.
His passion is to help clients think outside the box – to embrace new technologies to solve real issues across:
   •    Stockpile and excavated volume estimation
   •    Roof inspections
   •    GPS and drone surveying
   •    Drone technology solutions
   •    Digital utility mapping
   •    3D fly-throughs
   •    Asset information management
   •    Aerial photography

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